Lavender and Chamomile Conditioner



Your hair deserves better than harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, and dyes.  Nature already gives us the ingredients to nurture our mane, so why not put them to good use? 

Our Lavender and Chamomile Conditioner packs a powerful punch to protect and nourish your hair.  It gently rehydrates, protects, and conditions hair with natural ingredients like Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Organic White Willow Bark extract, which gently exfoliates the scalp, conditions, hydrates, and helps to eliminate product build-up leaving your hair soft, manageable, and feeling luxurious.

  • Soothes skin
  • Increases elasticity
  • Boots collagen
  • Fights dry scalp and dandruff
  • Controls excess sebum production on the scalp
  • Improves hydration to the hair strand (a huge plus in the dry winter months!)
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Promotes a sense of calm



And as always, our first ingredient is Aloe Leaf Juice.


A little something about our Great Goddess favorite, Organic Aloe Leaf Juice.  

Did you know that most hair care brands' first ingredient in their formulation is water, which can sometimes make up over 60% of their final product?  The first ingredient in all Magna Dea hair and body products is Organic Aloe Leaf Juice.  Aloe is a mighty goddess ingredient for your hair, skin, and scalp.  It contains antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E that can affect the cellular makeup of the hair strand, which spells shiny, healthy hair for you. Vitamin B12 and folic acid also found in aloe can help prevent hair loss, calm frizzy hair, and moisturizes.  Get ready to show off your soft and healthy Great Goddess Hair!   




 Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Cetearyl Alcohol, PEG 40 Castor Oil, Stearalkonium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Lavender Flower Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia), Organic Lavender Flower Water (Lavandula Angustifolia), Roman Chamomile Flower Water (Anthemis Nobilis), Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Provitamin B5 (DL-Panthenol), Glycerin, Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa Canina), Organic White Willow Bark Extract (Salix Alba), Organic Alcohol


  • Vegan
  • No Added Phthalates
  • No Added Parabens
  • No Added Palm
  • 87% Organic Content                                                                              

  • No Artificial Fragrances
  • No Artificial Dyes

*Made, Packaged, and Shipped from the USA

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Environmentally Friendly

Natural. Authentic. Environmentally friendly.

These are the qualities we care for most here at Magna Dea. Our mission is to mix beauty with environmentally friendly.