What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a therapeutic practice that intentionally manipulates one's breath to impact their physical, mental, and emotional states. There are various types of breathwork, all involving conscious control of the breath through specific patterns or techniques.

For neurodivergent individuals, breathwork can help regulate their minds and bodies. They often face sensory overload, anxiety, and other symptoms that hinder focus and emotional management.

By calming the nervous system, breathwork reduces stress and anxiety. It also enhances mental clarity and focus, benefiting those with ADHD or attention-related conditions. Through slowing down and controlling the breath, individuals can be present and grounded in their bodies.

Overall, breathwork is a powerful tool for neurodivergent individuals to regulate emotions, improve focus, concentration, and reduce stress.

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Our Recommendation for Morning Practice

Lion's Breath Breathing is a fun and easy way to invite positive energy to start your day.

Our Recommendation for Focus

Feather Breathing is a great calming strategy to help you and your little ones regain focus.

Our Recommendation for Stressful Situations

Buzzing Bee Breath is a great calming strategy to redirect your child when something stressful happens.

Our Recommendation for Evening Practice

Stuffed Animal Breathing can help you and your child wind down after a long day.



Conscious Awareness

How Breathwork fits into the ConSCENTrate Program

When practiced regularly, breath control and regulation can promote physical and mental well-being. In our ConSCENTrate program, breathwork is paired with aromatherapy and conscious awareness to support the emotional regulation and overall well-being of neurodivergent individuals.

By incorporating breathwork alongside our specially designed essential oil blends and mindfulness practices, individuals can learn to regulate their emotions and behaviors more effectively reduce stress and anxiety, and improve their overall sense of well-being. Together, these practices can help anyone self-regulate and better manage their daily lives.

Other Practice Ideas

Choose from one of the activities that best aligns with your intention

Box Breathing

Best for stressful situations, can practice anywhere.

Learn how to reduce stress and increase relaxation with our comprehensive guide to Box Breathing.

Belly Breathing

Best for calming and settling down before bed.

Discover the benefits of deep belly breathing and how to incorporate this powerful technique into your daily routine.

Bubble Breathing

Best for learning exhale control.

Blowing bubbles is an enjoyable and interactive breathwork practice for children that can aid in developing breath control, stress management, and focus improvement skills.

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